A Recipe for Action: Deconstructing Food Advertising


A Recipe for Action:  Deconstructing Food Advertising

Middle School Unit

Obesity, anorexia, bulimia – all are health scourges based on our relationship with food.  And though it is only part of this relationship, media is an definite factor in food choices and in the amount of physical activity that comprise our daily routines.  In that sense, our media diet affects our food diet!

CML’s long work in the health and media literacy fields has resulted in numerous projects related to nutrition and media literacy.  In implementations across the country, CML has seen how children come to understand their food choices differently when they also understand their media choices and how those media choices may affect them everyday. After testing its curriculum for nutrition education and deconstructing food advertising, CML is proud to introduce A Recipe for Action, based on CML’s research-based framework for deconstructing media.
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